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What's New?


PBS affiliated KSMQ out of Austin, Minnesota recently did an outstanding piece about the Museum for their OFF 90 program. Special thanks to Twelve Plus Media for their production time and ability.


John Gallos recalls his 40 years as a television personality including "Clancy the Cop" and "Commodore Cappy!"


Sunday, April 19, 4:00 pm: The Red-Throated League of the Norwegian Explorers will be doing another Sherlock Holmes play here at the Museum.  We’re not sure yet what the play will be, but just to sweeten your anticipation, they’re thinking about doing a script that involves a Pittsburgh pickle manufacturer called “The Case of the Sanguinary Specter.”  Stay tuned!

    Here's a real holiday treat from us at the Pavek: Axel's very own rendition of "The Night before Christmas" with an introduction by none other than Mary Davies. Happy Holidays and enjoy!
    Carmen's Cottage with Mary Davies as Carmen the Nurse had its final broadcast on March 25, 1977. When the show ended, Mary had become the longest running children's TV character in the Twin Cities. She first played Carmen in October 1954, filling in for Clellan Card's Axel when he was ill. Mary appeared intermittently on the program and took over the show when Card passed away in 1966. The program became Carmen's Cottage in the early 1970s, leading in to the Clancy and Willie Show every morning.
    Larry Krug, a frequent guest on Carmen’s Cottage, stopped by the Pavek with a 16mm silent film of the two of them at the Shrine Circus. He also brought in his personal scrapbook with about 30 pictures that he was gracious enough to allow us to scan. Danny and Nikki put together a nice short that you're sure to enjoy.