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Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Sam Sherwood

Inducted 2005

An outstanding and influential thirty-year career in broadcasting began when Sam Sherwood answered a classified ad seeking someone to write radio commercials.

That ad landed Sherwood, a Navy veteran who had studied at Hamline University and Brown Institute, a job with WCOW Radio in South St. Paul. Sherwood soon became a disc jockey for the station, later known as WISK and then as KDWB. As a disc jockey, program director, and later general manager of KDWB, Sherwood was one of the key figures in the Top 40 era of AM radio, and eventually became vice president of parent company Crowell Collier Publishing. When KDWB was sold, Sherwood joined Entertainment Communications and pioneered the beautiful music format with WAYL FM, where he spent ten years as general manager. After seven years with KHOW AM/FM in Denver, Colorado, he returned to the Twin Cities to try another new format, Weather Radio, with WWTC.

Always enthusiastic, creative, and innovative in his radio career, he brought those same qualities to serve his consulting and marketing clients today.

Sam Sherwood passed away on January 13, 2016, at the age of 85.